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What is the Best Venus Flytrap Soil?

If you are wondering what the best venus flytrap soil is, I am so glad that you found this article! The best medium in which to grow your venus flytrap plant is not soil at all! Looks like you found us just in time. Standard potting soil should not be used for your plant at all. They thrive in a medium that is not full of nutrients.

The most common medium in which people grow their venus flytrap is equal parts of perlite and peat moss. It is also not uncommon for the plants to be grown in strictly peat moss. The perlite and peat moss mix allows for proper aeration and water retention. You may even find some afficianados that add silica sand, sometimes called white sand, to their potting mixture. This allows for additional aeration and is definitely a positive addition. But it is not necessary.

Be sure when you purchase your planting medium mixture (or separately) that you do not get an enriched product. You do not want the added fertilizers. When you have your flytrap in the pot, do not fertilize your plant. Fertilizing it will burn the roots and eventually kill it.

You may know of some people who like to fertilize with a very diluted mixture of fertilizer. It is not necessary and is not recommended. Some successful flytrap plant growers will add sphagnum moss to the top of the planting medium. This helps retain moisture and ensures that your peat moss and perlite stay well mixed.

Once you have the products that you need to make your growing medium. Mix them in a large container. Then, you will want to add distilled water. The peat moss will soak up a lot of water. Keep adding until the peat moss is fully hydrated and is well mixed with the perlite. As you can see, the best venus flytrap soil is not soil at all. Happy planting!

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